Our professionals have extensive experience working with international corporations worldwide and so have an understanding that many firms in Japan do not have, and this experience has created an atmosphere and company culture conducive to direct, easy and stress-free communication. We have a high level of international integration, with native speakers of eight languages, and more than 10% of our members are from abroad.

Our firm also values the technical expertise of our patent attorneys and specialists. All of our patent attorneys and specialists have postgraduate research experience or practical experience in various industries.  Such experience gives us a crucial edge in difficult cases.  Approximately half of our patent attorneys and patent specialists hold doctorates.  Our technical translators also have a high level of technical expertise, and some of our translators also hold doctorates.

Finally, our attorneys and specialists are supported by a team of experts in languages, administrative procedures, and international communication. This combination of technical, linguistic, and administrative expertise allows us to provide the most effective services possible.