Partnership Office in China

Legal and technological expertise and clear and truthful communication are Sonoda & Kobayashi IP Law’ s tradition and have fostered long-standing trust with our clients around the world.

The opening of our partnership office in China is a milestone which enables both the expansion of our values established through legal services in Japan to China and synergy with Chinese wisdom. Our team in China is now ready to proudly offer legal services for the prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights in China in addition to Japan.

Sonoda Kobayashi Beijing IP group

Times Fortune World Tower 2, Room 2926, No.1 Hangfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing,100070


How are we different?

•  One-stop prosecution and enforcement in China and Japan

Sonoda & Kobayashi’s culture of candid internal communication will streamline the prosecution and enforcement of IP rights especially when Chinese and Japanese jurisdictions are involved. The client can save the trouble of giving substantially the same instructions to each local agent and we can eliminate the redundant work of analyzing the same prior art and reasons for rejection.

•  We combine Japanese trustworthiness and Chinese efficiency

While the constant change in law firms and attorneys in China is a sign of the country’s vibrant nature, this can cause confusion and delay in IP prosecution/enforcement for non-Chinese companies in the long run. At Sonoda & Kobayashi Beijing, we fully understand the value of stability and offer our clients an exclusive combination of traditional Japanese reliability with Chinese efficiency and vibrancy to ensure trustworthiness and efficiency for our international clients.

•  Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property, our team of Chinese patent attorneys, technical experts and translators will work together as necessary to offer the most effective protection for your IP assets in China. The employees at our principal office in Tokyo cooperate closely with those at the China office and regularly exchange knowledge.

•  Transparent communication and reasonable costs

Sonoda & Kobayashi Japan is well known for its clear and truthful communication in addition to its high quality and reliable standards for legal services. A transparent and reasonable charge system is another aspect of our clear and truthful communication and is not always the case at other firms. We maintain this tradition in the China office so that our clients always have a clear idea of the costs and the status of their IP rights.

What we offer:

  • Patent and trademark prosecution in China
  • Commercial and strategic IP portfolio analysis
  • Local IP department support services
  • Oppositions and nullity actions
  • License negotiations, expert opinions, FTO searches and opinions, prior art searches
  • Tailored seminars on Chinese IP law
  • Translation services

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Chinese intellectual property law, we will be happy to help.

We sincerely thank you for your continuing trust in our firm and look forward to further collaboration.