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Translation service / German to Japanese, Chinese to Japanese

We handle German-Japanese and Chinese-Japanese translation, in addition to English-Japanese and Japanese-English, as we have staff experienced in each of these language pairings.

Webinar – What are important differences between the appeal proceedings at the EPO and JPO?

Sonoda & Kobayashi will hold its next webinar on September 27th, 2019, in collaboration with the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk and Murgitroyd Munich Office.

The webinar aims to shed lights on the following questions:

1.How do appeals work in both jurisdictions?

2.What should applicants know with respect to cost? The likelihood of success?

3.What are recent trends and what can be anticipated in the near future?

If you would to register to this webinar, please complete the webform (Registration deadline: 09/26/2019)

The official Sponsor of Tsukuba Conference 2019

Sonoda & Kobayashi is now the official sponsor of the Tsukuba Conference of 2019.

Tsukuba Conference is designed for young researchers, entrepreneurs and other young experts in various fields to share their ideas to enhance a deeper understanding of the future of science and technology, and on the wide range of challenges and solutions that science and technology can generate in relation to the global society.

By bringing together approximately five hundred future leaders from all over the globe to Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba Conference will provide them a platform to discuss and debate issues, to put together action plans and proposals in the course of their discussions, and to reach out to the global community.

In particular, this year’s conference is aimed to enrich relevant discussion on “How do science, technology and innovation contribute to achieving Society 5.0 and SDGs”, concerning various topics on health, medical and social systems, as well as contribution by cutting-edge science and technology in the context of Society 5.0 and SDG.

The conference will be held from October 2rd to October 4th at
Tsukuba International Congress Center.

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