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Who are we?

Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law is one of the few IP law firms in Japan with an in-house translation department – and our translation department is not just a small hidden corner of our office, but is an integral part of our service.

We boast a multinational and multicultural team of highly qualified technical linguists with over 20 years of translation experience in the IP field, including patent attorneys and specialists who have worked or studied in various fields, some holding postgraduate degrees.

What sets us apart?

  • Communication
    Our legal, technical, and linguistic experts all work together in a non-hierarchical environment to ensure that we provide an unrivalled service to our clients. We also work closely with our clients in order to meet individual needs. Our services are based on an interactive approach, utilizing dialogue and conversation not only to continuously improve our translation, but also to bridge cultural gaps between parties.
  • Innovation
    We are constantly looking for ways to improve out service. Rather than blindly following the latest trends in translation technology, we adapt new technology to match our client needs.

What does that mean for our clients?

  • Choice
    We understand that due to time and budget constraints, clients would like more flexibility when considering translation solutions.
  • Cost reduction
    Machine translation alone is often unable to provide viable translation solutions, but by incorporating various degrees of automation into our translation process, we can tailor our services to meet client needs.

Our translation team can handle a wide range of languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French etc.

These choices and cost reductions are available on all of the services we offer, including:

  • Intellectual Property related translation
  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing related translation (brochures, websites, videos…)
  • Communication Assistance (interpretation, IP and judicial proceedings, negotiations, business meetings, teleconferences, training sessions, email correspondence, etc.)
  • Proofreading and editing 

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