Krystel RENARD, Ph.D.


Patent Engineer

After receiving her PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) for her research concerning the mechanical properties of TWIP (twinning-induced plasticity) steels, Dr. Renard pursued research on the thermoelectric properties of FeVAl alloys as a JSPS Fellow at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. After work at a patent law firm in Tokyo, Dr. Renard joined our office in April 2018.


Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Characterization


  • Ph.D., Louvain School of Engineering, Catholic University of Louvain
  • M.S., Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Catholic University of Louvain
  • B.S., Faculty of Applied Science, Catholic University of Louvain


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