Utility Models

An advantage of utility models in Japan is that they are automatically registered without substantive examination.  There are therefore times when a utility model application should be filed rather than a patent application, and this is the kind of wider-picture advice we strive to provide.


The industrial design of products (the aesthetic appearance of products) can be protected by design rights, either with patent rights or in place of patent rights.  Designs are sometimes more useful than patents as they are often easier to enforce.  Designs are particularly effective when the products to be protected have a short life cycle.  When requested, we make the best possible use of the unique design system to assist clients in all stages of IP protection.   During examination, we also actively pursue and use interviews with examiners.


Analytical abilities grounded in a firm understanding of the realities of business exceeding the strictures of law play a very important role in trademark registration and the speedy resolution of infringement cases. Our domestic and international experts are ready to assist clients with problem resolution and reliable protection of trademark rights.