Julie TSAI, Ph.D.


Technical Translator, Patent Engineer

Julie Tsai received her PhD from the University of Toronto for her studies on the effects of intracellular signaling cascades on lipoprotein metabolism.
She joined the firm in 2009 as a technical translator and analyst based on her extensive background in the life sciences.
She has since acquired tremendous skill in patent PCT filings for International corporations having R&D centers in Japan. Meeting with inventors has deepened her understanding of the inventions and related issues.
She has also broadened her knowledge of organic and inorganic chemistry for cosmetics.


Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Immunology, Diagnosis, Genetic Engineering, Micro organisms


  • PhD, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto
  • BS, Biochemistry, Queen’s University (Canada)


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  • English (native)
  • Chinese (native)
  • Japanese


  • 2nd grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management(administration)(2021)