Legal Opinions

We have very extensive experience in expert opinions on validity of patents and patentability of applications, and whether an item of interest is within the scope of the claims of a certain patent (patent application). Additionally, we have actively contributed to third-party organizations.   For example, we were assessors for MPEG IV, ARIB and the One-Blue license.

Furthermore, we offer not only expert opinions, but also business advice on intellectual property. We also provide second opinions on intellectual property cases that were handled by other firms.


The differences between business culture in Japan and abroad is particularly prominent in license negotiations. Knowing the decision-making mechanisms in Japanese companies and reading between the lines are examples of essential skills in conducting successfully negotiation.  We provide advice on key social differences with assistance or representation of clients in negotiations and drafting agreements.

Note that we accept transfer of cases from other firms.

Due Diligence

We provide assistance, particularly relating to Japanese patents and patent applications, in carrying out due diligence for contracts and corporate M&A. The high level of technical and legal expertise of our patent attorneys and specialists allows us to provide assistance in appropriate risk assessments, including intellectual property status confirmation, evaluations of likelihood of grant and validity, evaluations of scope, and review of licensing agreements and employee invention-related rules.

Note that we accept transfer of cases from other firms.


Our highly skilled patent attorneys and researchers have detailed knowledge of commercial databases and work together to perform searches. Searches of entire fields, including patent documents worldwide and non-patent documents, are possible.  We perform searches of prior art to assess patentability, infringement, and invalidation.  We provide simple reports that only show search results to highly detailed reports with analysis and expert opinion.  In our detailed reports including analyses and expert opinions, Japanese law is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.   We also handle simple requests, such as confirmation of status of a Japanese application or the monitoring of an application.


High quality translation is crucial in intellectual property. Our unique combination of experts having technological and linguistic abilities as well as a keen awareness of intercultural differences allows us to provide the most linguistically and technologically accurate translation possible.

In many firms, translation is outsourced to translation companies or to patent attorneys and specialists not trained to perform this important task. Our firm, however, is different.  We employ native speakers specializing in technical translation.  Our translation team includes specialists with a variety of backgrounds, some with postgraduate experience and others holding doctorates, as well as patent attorneys.

Our translators work together with patent attorneys and patent specialists. This process not only ensures accurate and precise translation in terms of technical and linguistic issues, but also ensures efficiency in terms of legal issues.  Translation is supervised by patent attorneys of corresponding countries who know how to avoid legal issues that could arise.  Our goal is to provide the most reliable translations throughout prosecution, enforcement, challenges to validity, and patent term extension.

Our large translation team can also handle translations alone, without being entrusted with prosecution (English-Japanese, Japanese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, German-Japanese etc.). With our large number of highly skilled translators and flexible approach, we receive many “translation-only” requests from private companies and international organizations.