Basic Policy

We consider that our client’s personal information is an invaluable asset. Therefore, we believe that it is one of our most important duties to comply with Japanese privacy laws and other codes including the Private Information Protection Law, in order to appropriately use and protect our client’s precious personal information.
To achieve the duty, we formulate basic policies regarding personal information, and handle our client’s personal information according to the policies.

Utilization Purposes of Personal Information

We will utilize the personal information provided by our clients within the extent of the following purposes.

  1. To perform general legal works including intellectual property services.
  2. To send related information, greeting cards, etc.
  3. To respond to our clients’ inquiries and requests.
  4. To improve our services, and to offer or propose the information regarding our handling services.
  5. When there is a need to contact our clients for any reason.

Provision of Personal Information

We do not disclose nor provide our client’s personal information to any third party, except in the following cases.

  1. When we have obtained the prior consent of a client.
  2. When the information is required for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain permission from a client.
  3. When handling of personal information is consigned within the range required to attain the utilization purpose.
  4. When disclosure of the information is required by laws and ordinances.
  5. Other than the above cases, when provision of the information is allowed by laws.

If requested by a client to disclose, revise or discontinue use of the personal information owned by us, we will promptly disclose, revise or discontinue use of such information, as soon as the requesting client can be identified.


For inquiries regarding personal information protection, such as personal information protection policy, please contact us.