Webinar/ Technology Transfer Webinar 15: Intellectual Property And The VR/AR

With the cooperation and help of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Help Desk, Patent Attorney Yoshitaka SONODA and Nicole BIGLER successfully held a web seminar on October 27, 2017 concerning the theme of Intellectual Property and the VR/AR environment. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who, though being very busy, took the time to attend this web seminar. This web seminar can be viewed or listened to at any time with the following link, so for those who were unable to attend, please check out the following link.


China Patent Annual Conference (Beijing)

Dr. Ishioka, Ms. Wang and Ms. Bigler will run a booth and give a speech about “The Current State of Opposition in Japan” at the China Patent Annual Conference (former: PIAC) in Beijing.

Dr. Sonoda and Ms. Crick’s paper was published in World Intellectual Property Review.

Dr. Sonoda and Ms. Crick’s paper, titled “Avoiding the Perils of Collaboration”, was published in World Intellectual Property Review on June 9, 2017. Click here for details.

MIP IP in Asia Forum 2017 (Washington DC and Palo Alto)

Sponsored the Forum. Nicole Bigler, Paul Tokeshi and Yoshitaka Sonoda
acted as the panelists for the seminar.
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Ranked in IAM PATENT 1000.

Yoshitaka Sonoda rated as one of “the world’s leading patent professionals” in “IAM PATENT 1000”.
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Selected in International Advisory Experts AWARDS 2017.

SONODA & KOBAYASHI was selected as “Japanese intellectual property company” in “International Advisory Expert Award 2017”.
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Dr. Ishioka’s paper was published in Lexology.

Dr. Ishioka’s paper, titled “Decision of grand panel of Intellectual Property High Court regarding scope of protection of patent extended by patent term extension”, was published in Lexology on February 9, 2017.
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