Fumi KATOH, Ph.D.


Patent Engineer

KatohFumiWebFumi Katoh received her PhD for her research concerning the osmotic and ionic regulation mechanisms of bodily fluids, and performed post-doctoral research at the University of Alberta and St. Francis Xavier University in Canada. She has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, having been employed previously at a patent law firm and in the IP department of a research center.


Medicine, Diagnostics, Cell Biology, Physiology, Molecular Biology, Histochemistry, Histology, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology


  • PhD, Agriculture (Animal Physiology), The University of Tokyo
  • MS, Agriculture (Animal Physiology), The University of Tokyo
  • Master of Intellectual Property, Kibi International University, Japan
  • BS, Biology, Kanagawa University


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  • Fumi Katoh and Toyoji Kaneko, Short-term transformation and long-term replacement of branchial chloride cells in killifish transferred from seawater to freshwater, revealed by morphofunctional observations and a newly established ‘time-differential double fluorescent staining’ technique The Journal of Experimental Biology 206 (22): 4113-4123 (2003).
  • Fumi Katoh, Susumu Hyodo and Toyoji Kaneko, Vacuolar-type proton pump in the basolateral plasma membrane energizes ion uptake in branchial mitochondria-rich cells of killifish Fundulus heteroclitus, adapted to a low ion environment The Journal of Experimental Biology 206 (5): 793-803 (2002).
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  • Japanese (native)
  • English (fluent)


  • Intellectual Property Association of Japan
  • Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association (NIPTA)
  • Certified Specialist Association of Intellectual Property Management